Do I/you need to download an app?

  • No, everything is sent via a text and or email link which you click to start the request.

Do I/you need to upload a copy of my registration papers?

  • Registration papers are an optional upload within Olasio, you will be presented with a ‘Yes / No’ option, if you choose yes, you will be asked to upload a photo, if you choose no then this section of the report will be omitted from the report.

Do I/you need to upload a copy of my drivers licence and bank statement?

  • If your lender requires this information it can be captured and verified by using ‘Identity Verification’ which can be added to your account in the ‘Smart Task Store’

Can my inspection be rejected?

  • If an end-user completes an Olasio task, you will always receive a copy of the report, we digitally check the relevant components whilst the Olasio task is happening, so once the end user finalises everything you (the person ordering the Olasio task) is the first person to receive a copy.

What if there are incorrect sections on the report and it needs to be done again?

  • Olasio has a ‘Reissue’ function which will appear after a report has been completed, if you need the end user to complete the Olasio task again, simply click reissue, confirm you are sending it to the correct person and then a new Olasio request has been sent to the end-user

Will I be charged again for a reissue?

  • No, we do not charge for reissues, we only charge for the initial request, however if you book a new inspection outside of using the reissue function you will be then charged.

How do I send my report to the lender?

  • Download a PDF copy and send the report via email and or link a PDF via email to the lender.

What is the task code?

  • If you're seeing this screen you have either finished the process and back now on the generic homepage screen that asks for an email address and task code or you have logged out, if the latter you can restart the process by clicking the initial link you were sent.
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